Friday, May 12, 2006

Caroline Dineage

Caroline Dineage pictured centre with Penny Mordaunt, PPC for Portsmouth North at the last general election and Nick Soames MP, state of the art destroyer in background)

I see from that they believe that Caroline Dineage, candidate for Portsmouth South at the last election, has made it to the Conservative Party's 'A-list'. I haven't spoken to Caroline but thats quite an achievement when one considers the quality of the applicants and who didn't get on.
I know that Penny Mordaunt wants to stand again in Portsmouth North and given the closeness of the results last time, I imagine that Caroline will want to stand again in Portsmouth South. It is interesting to see how many of the 'A-list' have stood before and heartening that in many areas, we have learnt that old Lib-Dem trick, latterly copied by Labour, of having candidates stand again for the same seat if they don't win first time. It remains to be seen however if the local Association choose to select her...
(To see their unofficial 'A-list, go to ).
Caroline is of course the daughter of Newscaster and iconic presenter of children's show 'How' Fred Dineage. I was too young to remember the original version but recall it being revived in the 1990s; the first few episodes were co-presented by Carol Volderman. She was replaced by Gail Porter, who was herself sacked (I think) after posing nude for numerous magazines. There was a huge outcry when a naked image of her was beamed onto the side of The Houses of Parliament with the slogan 'Vote Porter' (don't tell dame Shirley...)
I thought the best quote came from the the then Speaker, Betty Boothroyd who said,"As to the poll, my vote would go to the woman who stopped the projection!". Ms Porter went on to present Top of the Pops.
Aparently Gail told The Sun that following her marriage to Toploader guitarist Dan Hipgrave, she would be leaving her clothes on. For details of the PR stunt, go to;


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