Saturday, March 27, 2010

Winners of the award for best Council & Community invovement!

Every one a winner!

On Wednesday I went to the Local Government Chronicle awards in London with representatives from the Council's Waste Management Team, Solent University and Southampton Central Baptist Church. Probably the most important and prestigious awards for those involved in local government, the awards were held in Park Lane. We knew from the organisers that we had been shortlisted to the last 6 entrants and as the only entrant from the Hampshire area, we thought we had done pretty well to get that far.
We had entered an award for Council's with the best example of Community Involvement which after the award for best Council is probably the one award to win after 'Best Overall Council' and...we won!
Devised by the Head of Waste, Andy Trayer after I challenged him at a Scrutiny meeting to really address the issue of rubbish being left by students, especially in the Polygon at the end of term time, the scheme was ingeniously simple in theory but as ever, it required a lot of hard work and determination to make it happen.
For those interesd, the detail of how we cleaned up the Polygon and recycled its rubbish can be read HERE.


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