Saturday, March 27, 2010

City Cycle lanes

Cameron cycling at the top of
The Avenue in Southampton (yes really!)

One of my big frustrations is how cycle unfriendly Southampton is in the City (despite there being great areas to cycle) - and the recent huge public realm works that were carried out in Shirley High Street and at the Portswood Broadway by my Lib-Dem predecessors were in my view, a missed opportunity as they didn't include the provision of cycle lanes. I resolved that if I was ever elected and had the opportunity, I would try to do something about this.
Well, the Council has made a serious start first with the Bike Guide and now with the planned works in Thornhill.
Southampton City Council is dramatically expanding its cycle network in the Thornhill area. We are determined to provide residents in this are with the facilities they deserve and I am delighted with the work being undertaken. The Council, with TPY, are providing cycle routes which will provide key links across the area. At the centre of this work will be the route across Hinkler Green from the Hinkler Public House to Ellwood Avenue. From here there will be extensions to Bursledon Road and East to Heywood Green. A further section will be the installation from Linacre Road up to Warburton Road (alongside of Lydgate Road). The existing cycle route from Thornhill Park Road to Byron Road through the park will also be extended alongside Farringford Road between Pepys Avenue and Burke drive. These will add 1300metres to the existing city’s cycle network. Signs will be designed with route information providing an opportunity for leisure walking and cycling – these routes will link homes to the green open spaces, play areas and shops.
This is just one part of the city which is benefiting from the council’s goal of improving Southampton’s cycling experience.
Heavens knows we need to- and Connect 2 is next...


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