Monday, November 13, 2006

Tragedy in Bevois Valley

Bevois Valley pictured from my former pub The New Inn
picture copyright The Daily Echo
Southampton has a plethorea of traffic calming measures, many of them unneccessary, some of them almost dangerous in the way they are laid out.
How strange then that despite upgrading the street lighting, there has been no real progress in making cars cut their speed late at night in Bevois Valley. It would be an expensive step but as a matter of urgency, I would like to see pedestrian barriers either side of the road to help keep people out of the way of fast approaching on-coming cars. With the area being home to many pubs and bars, this is really becoming a necesity.
Just last weekend, there was a fatal accident involving a Southampton taxi.
The Police commission was informed because the victim - a male pedestrian - had "contact" with police officers a few hours before the incident.
The man was in Bevois Valley Road shortly before 4am when the accident happened.
Part of the area was sealed off for ten hours while police investigated the accident and arranged for the taxi to be taken away for examination. The road was shut between its junction with Lodge Road and my former pub, The New Inn. Several side streets leading off the no-go zone were also affected by the closure.
I do hope that no-one is injured or, god-forbid, killed before the Council acts.


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