Thursday, November 16, 2006

Jeremy Moulton enters the Conservative approved candidate's list

We are all victims of the closure of the Civil Service Sports ground. With white shoes, blue jeans, a rugby shirt and a brown suit jacket, Jeremy was a fashion victim...

I was delighted to hear that after attending his Parliamentary Assessment Board last weekend (a kind of stripped down version of the old accelerated civil service exams), Jeremy Moulton, a Southampton Councillor where I live and an old friend, has learned that he is on the 'Approved Candidates List'. This allows him to apply for target seats within the vicinity in which he lives, works or has another strong connection with and any other none-target seats anywhere across the country.
He is also now free, should he so wish to now apply to join the so-called ‘A-list’. He will need to do this if he wants to be considered in the plum Tory seats at the next general election. Good luck to him.


Blogger Ryan Newell said...

Jeremy is one of only two councillors in Southampton I respect.
So best of luck to him. Hopefully he gets selected for one of the Southampton seats so we can have a good fight.

10:09 pm  

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