Monday, June 12, 2006

New Conservative Party logo

Well the "Call me Dave" project to re-brand the Conservative Party continues apace and the latest idea is to replace the Conservative's Torch logo with something else. Infact the torch device itself has been changed at least three times to my recollection and the current logo featuring a more muscular arm in a cut down picture frame is far from ideal as it looks like you've chopped a bit off the logo when you put it on a leaflet.
One of Gavin Barwell's team at CCO also introduced the 'swoosh' during the Hague period (Gavin is on the A list and a councillor for Woodcote, where I lived for 5 years or so incidently) which was used for a while on both local and national publications.
The challenge will be to find a device that is both symbolic of what the modern Conservative Party is trying to achieve as well as contemporary and visually attractive. Me thinks easier said than done...
I thought the efforts from the guys at
was very amusing (see top)

Name change for the party next?


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